Techless Travels: Making Memorable Journeys with Kids

Did your anxiety just go up a little when you read those 7 little words? I feel your pain – I have made the trek from the southeast to the TX/MX border more times than I can count with kids in tow. I won’t pretend we always made the trip media free but I’m here to attest – it can be done! If you want to unplug and enjoy traveling tech free with your kids, I have some fun suggestions to help the trip pass quickly for the kids!
traveling tech free with kids
Traveling tech free with kids
The modern world has become increasingly reliant on technology, so it can be difficult to break away from 24/7 connectivity. But traveling tech free with your little ones gives everyone an opportunity to reconnect both with each other and the places they visit. Step away from the gadgets and enjoy quality time together as a family! Whether it’s exploring nature or discovering new cultures, there are plenty of ways you can have fun without having screens around every corner. So why not give traveling tech free with kids a try?

Tips for Traveling Tech Free with Kids:

  1. Prepare yourself mentally. We live in a tech crazed world right now. It seems that kids are getting started on electronic devices younger and younger every year. With that in mind, don’t be surprised when junior gets a little testy at first. We want what we know, and most kids know when they get in a vehicle they will be entertained by a screen. Know that there will be battles but prepare for the fight :). In the end if you stand your ground and remain tech free, the memories will far outlast the few moments of frustration.
  2. Take snacks. When traveling for hours at a time the munchies are always traveling with you! Stretch the snacks out as a prize, “at the next town that starts with a ___ we will get gummy bears” or “we have to count 20 red cars and then we will have some granola”. Simple games will take the kids minds off of the absence of screens and their bored bellies!
  3. Books, books, books. Even if you are thinking, “my child doesn’t like books”, bring them! It’s amazing what being in a car for hours with no screen will do. It may just turn your little one into a book lover. Sticker books, coloring books, board books, sketch books, cartoon books, bring them all!
  4. Take breaks often. Schedule down time in your travels. It’s amazing what a fifteen-to-twenty-minute break will do for little attitudes. Plan the break at a place that has room to run safely. When we traveled with 3 kids under 5, we loved stopping at Cracker Barrel to eat. They had a store with toys to occupy the kids while we waited and there was typically a decent patch of grass to get some energy out before we would load back up.
  5. Do your homework ahead of time. There are countless websites with different road game ideas. Find games that will keep your kids engaged. Stretch their minds a bit. My husband used to love to play “Name that State”. He would give the capitol of a state and the kids would try to guess which state it was. Crazy, but my kids new all 50 states & capitols at a VERY young age from such a simple thought. And they LOVED the competition.
  6. Bring music. When all else fails, whip out the juice box and turn on the tunes. You can even get soundtracks to some of your kids’ favorite shows or movies. They can sing along as they discover the world right outside their windows.
  7. Bring a piece of home with you. Rather it’s a pillow, toy, blankie, or a favorite stuffie. Bring something familiar to put their anxiety to rest. Screens are actually a comfort to some kids. It’s part of their routine and upsetting that routine can cause anxiety. Having their favorite “fill in the blank” will help them cope with a new way of traveling – Tech FREE!
Traveling tech-free with kids can be a great way to encourage connection, exploration and imagination. It can also bring up some challenges that require creativity and flexibility. But with the right mindset and tools, it’s absolutely possible to make it work. So go out there, ditch your devices and create some incredible, tech-free family memories! Who knows – you might even surprise yourself. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to plan my next tech-free adventure!  


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