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Are you a lifestyle writer looking for a means to express your work? Do you have a compelling idea for a guest post to give an intriguing perspective on lifestyle? Our editorial team is always on the lookout for talented guest writers who want to share their insights. If you are a lifestyle writer looking for a home – write for us! Contact us at beth1ivingoutjoy@gmail.com.

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Want to submit a piece about lifestyle? Here on our site, Living Out Joy, we publish pieces about lifestyle that are written by both professionals and amateurs in different areas. Our goal is to provide information for parents who are looking for informative parenting tips or rejuvenation ideas that will help them feel more at peace with their children. We also cover positive life skills, such as practicing self-care.

Should I Submit an Article for Review?

We always enjoy having talented writers submit their work. We have high hopes that you’ll bring new perspectives and interesting material to the topics covered on our site: saving money, living healthy, raising children and more. If this sounds like something up your alley, then please don’ hesitate at all. We receive submission submissions 24 hours a day. Just send us an outline of yours!

What Should I not Send for Review?

We appreciate your interest for taking the time to join us on the site as a guest author. We provide readers with a wide range of informative articles. However, there are a few prohibited topics: drugs, alcohol, and adult content won’t be published or linked to. With so many brilliant topics to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be able to write one that meets our posting guidelines! Thanks once again.

What Kind of Articles Should I Submit?

For the Home






If you have a fresh idea beyond the ones mentioned above, please do not hesitate to send it to us! We are always looking for new material.

What are your guidelines for submitting an article about lifestyle?  

  • Editorial Fees are required, contact us for rates.
  • It must be your original thoughts on the subject – not just re-working what someone else has posted. You are responsible to make sure no Copyright Laws are broken.
  • One backlink to your brand is acceptable. Please also, include one link back to a relatable article at Living Out Joy
  • Once the article is published on Living Out Joy, it becomes the property of livingoutjoy.com. You are not to publish the article elsewhere, in print or digital. If we find it published on other sites, we will take it down immediately.
  • Living Out Joy reserves the right to edit any submissions.
  • Guest blogging for us should not be confused with receiving compensation. You will not receive any sort of payment or reward as a result the blog.
  • You may choose to spread it on social networking sites by including 100 words from your article along with links back to that specific post! We’ll put your pieces up elsewhere online too. We do not guarantee an increase to your social sites via our links.
  • Image suggestions are fine, but we will choose a stock image for inclusion in the post.
  • Being accepted as a guest writer on Living Out Joy does not give you the ability to claim to part of the LOJ team.

Are You Ready to Submit an Article about Lifestyle to Living Out Joy?  

We look forward to building a relationship with you and working together to further our message! Please do not hesitate to ask questions.

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