Pet-Friendly Home Trends to Consider for Your Dream Home

As a pet owner, you are responsible for taking care of your furry little friend. When you move to a new home with a pet you need the property to be safe for the animal. Your dream home doesn’t have to lose its visual appearance to be pet friendly. It is especially useful for property investors, managers, and real estate agents to guarantee that homes are pet-friendly while maintaining their appeal and protection.

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A dream home for pet owners can only be dreamy if it also allows you to live in peace and harmony with your pet. You can follow several trends that make your homes safe and comfortable for your four-legged friends.

Pet Friendly Fabrics

First of all, remember that pets leave their fur everywhere depending on their breed. You need to make sure that your furniture can withstand pet hair. Moreover, Pets have a tendency to leave food or dirt stains. Therefore, you need to be wary of marks on your furniture. Scratching and biting could also cause fabric damage. It’s plausible that your pets, no matter how well trained, tear up your cushions and sofas.

It’s best if you purchase furniture that can withstand stains. It would be beneficial for you and your allergic friends to avoid armchairs and pillows that get stuck with pet hair. You should look for smooth tapestries and leather to avoid having to extensively wash your furniture frequently. You would save a lot of money if you used those tips.

Washable Fabrics

You can also use a washable fabric method. For example, you can put a layer of fabric over your couch and chairs, so whenever they are stained, you can simply remove and wash them. This allows you to live in a clean environment. Moreover, you can purchase multiple types of fabric to switch up the colors and the design of your home often. Therefore, this is a stylish choice, as well as useful.

Pet Bed

Your pet can sleep in a comfortable bed that matches your interior design. You will be delighted with the outcome and have a convenient sleeping spot for your little partner.

Pet beds are necessities, they want to sleep in comfort as well. Therefore, you should go shopping for similar furniture for you and your pets. You can create an aesthetic little space for your furry friends that will fit the style of your home. There is a wide range of options for pet beds. You can choose a hanging bed if you are going for a boho style home. Maybe you want a big and colorful bed for your pet in the living room, or a small one at the end of your bed.

Metal Furniture

Pets love to toy with anything they come across. Chances are that your dog or cat likes to scratch the feet of your couch or chairs and might even bite them. Therefore, it’s your best option to purchase furniture that can withstand scratches. Wooden furniture is harder to maintain than metal. Just like fabric, you need to make sure that the hard edges of your furniture are durable. Metal is also stain resistant and durable. It will last longer in your home with a little mischievous pet around.

Ceramic Tiles are Pet Friendly

Just like furniture, you need to avoid wood for flooring as well. If you want to avoid stains and scratches all around your floor, you need to install ceramic or terracotta tiles. Moreover, your pets will leave hair on the floor and you don’t want it to stick to everything and trigger any sort of allergic reaction. Stains and dirt are difficult to get out of hardwood floorings. It will be much  easier to clean ceramic flooring.
This flooring choice is not only practical but stylish as well. We see more and more homeowners every day using ceramic flooring for their houses. If you think through it, it can be an amazing choice to fit your home style.

Use Your Pet As An Inspiration

Another way to avoid a lot of hairs all over the house, giving it a dirty look, is to match the colors of furniture, flooring, and walls to your pet’s fur.


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