How to Prep Your Outdoor Pool for Winter

Having an outdoor pool is great, but with winter around the corner, you need to make sure you’re not only putting it away for the season correctly, but also keeping it safe and healthy for the next swimming season. The winter season can be harsh on your pool, especially if you’re not prepared. From harmful chemical buildups to freezing water, you need to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your pool in pristine condition. Here’s how to prep your outdoor pool for winter to ensure it remains safe and healthy.

prep your pool for winter
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Balance the Chemistry of Your Outdoor Pool for Winter

Before closing your pool for winter, it’s important to check its pH levels, alkalinity, and chlorine levels. Out of balance chemicals can cause corrosion, algae buildups and other issues that can damage your pool. Always ensure that the total alkalinity and pH levels are within range, and add necessary amounts of chlorine shock to kill all harmful bacteria. Use high-quality pool chemicals for optimal winter protection of your pool.

Clean and Remove Debris from Your Outdoor Pool for Winter

Cleaning out the debris from your pool will ensure that your pool pump, filters, and skimmer system is free of any build ups and damage that could occur during winter. Clean out the pool’s filter and skimmer baskets, and remove any leaves, sticks and any debris that has accumulated in your pool during the fall season. A pool cleaning service can help make this job easier.

Lower Water Levels Below Normal Levels

As winter approaches, lower the water levels in your pool about 2 to 4 inches below the normal operation level. This will ensure that the pool water does not overflow during the heavy winter rains or when the temperatures drop, causing water to freeze. Consider using your pool’s water pump to lower the water level, but do not drain the pool completely.

Cover Your Outdoor Pool for Winter

Covering your pool with a high-quality pool cover will protect it from the harsh winter damage. The cover will keep debris and rainwater out and prevent algae and bacterial growth. Use a pool cover that fits properly and is durable to ensure that it protects your pool from the cold winter winds and mildew.

Protect Equipment From Harsh Winters

This is the perfect time to inspect your pool equipment. Ensure that the pool pump, filters, heaters, and other equipment are in good working condition, and that they are protected from winter damage. Remove any hoses, backwash hoses, and attachments from the pool equipment, clean them and store them in a dry area for storage.

Final Thoughts on Prepping Your Outdoor Pool for Winter

While it’s tempting to just cover your pool and forget about it during the winter months, neglecting your pool can lead to more costly issues that can be hard to repair. By investing some time in your pool before the winter season, your pool can withstand the harsh winter weather and remain healthy during the off-season. Follow these tips to prep your outdoor pool for winter and ensure that you can enjoy its benefits for years to come.

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