Getting Your Home Ready for Holiday Parties

The holiday season is upon us, and for many people, that means hosting holiday parties. If you’re one of those people, you may be a little worried about everything you need to do to get your home ready. But don’t fret – we’ve got some simple tips below that can make the process smoother and even a little fun.

holiday parties
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Make To-Do Lists for Holiday Parties

The best place to start is by making a to-do list. You likely have a lot to get done before your holiday parties, and you don’t want to forget anything in all the confusion. Take a few minutes now to write down everything that you need to do before the party arrives. Then, as you complete items, be sure to check them off your list. You can also add new items as you think of them.

Some people find it easier to write down their list on a physical piece of paper, while others like to jot down notes on their phones so that they always have their list with them. Choose whichever method you prefer, as long as you can keep your list handy.

Take Care of Home Repairs

The next thing you’ll want to focus on is any necessary home repairs. It’s important to focus on home repairs first, as they can often take the longest to get done. At the same time, you don’t want to be worrying about some home repairs after you’ve already decorated and cleaned up, as the repairs could undo some of your hard work.

Now is the time to go from room to room in your home and see what repairs or maintenance you need to do. Maybe your spare bathroom has been dealing with a clog, and you want to schedule some sewer drain jetting. Or perhaps your oven hasn’t been working properly, and you want to have someone in to fix it before it’s time to cook your holiday meals. Whatever it is, make a plan for fixing it now so that you can have it safely done before it’s time to put the final touches on your home.

Map Out Your Spaces for Holiday Parties

Next, it’s a good idea to map out how you want to arrange things in your home, especially if you’re having a lot of people. Your home may not be accustomed to the amount of people heading over for the holidays, which may mean you need to do some rearranging. For instance, you might need to move some furniture so that there is more room for guests or adjust things in your kitchen so that you have enough room for everyone to sit at dinner. But rather than just moving things around until you find the right configuration, map out everything first, as this will save you some time.

Clear Out Clutter and Organize

Another good thing to do before the holidays is clear out your clutter. For one, getting rid of clutter will give you more space for guests and help your home seem more organized. In addition, you’re likely to get some gifts around the holidays, and getting rid of your clutter will give you more room to store your new things.

Go through your rooms and see which things you no longer need or which things you can move into storage. Now is also the perfect time to donate those perfectly fine but unused items, as charities are always looking for donations at this time of year. If you can’t find a place to donate your extra belongings, you can also try selling them for a little extra spending cash this holiday season.

Stock Up on Holiday Parties Supplies

Once your home is starting to come together, you’ll then want to stock up on supplies for the party. This not only includes holiday-themed decorations, if you don’t have them already, but also supplies like plates, cups, and cutlery. Think about how many guests you have coming, then ensure you have enough party supplies for everyone, plus a little extra. If having the party at your place is going to be a Christmas tradition each year, you can likely save some money on supplies by buying them in bulk. You can then use any extra supplies next year.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time for Preparation

An important part of getting your home ready for a holiday party is giving yourself plenty of time. You don’t want to wait until the day before the party to start doing everything, as this will only add stress. Instead, check off items on your to-do list a little bit at a time. The more you can get done in advance, the more ready you’ll feel for the party as the day approaches.

Have Fun with Holiday Parties

Finally, try to have some fun with your home preparations. Too many people get stressed out when hosting a holiday party and forget that the holidays are supposed to be a fun time. Planning ahead and staying organized will help remove some stress, but there are other things you can do to make preparing more fun. Put on some of your favorite holiday music as you decorate or watch your favorite Christmas movie while you declutter a room. Simple things like this can add plenty of joy to the process and make hosting a holiday party an enjoyable experience all around.

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