Hidden Treasure: Unlocking Your Full Potential in Christ

Birthdays have always been a BIG deal in our home. All 3 of my kids were born between July 11 – August 2 (over the course of 5 years). Needless to say July was a BUSY month of planning for this mama. They are mostly grown now, two teens and a 20 year old – I’m still wishing time would slow down but it doesn’t oblige. They were always so excited for their friends and family to start pulling into the driveway to celebrate their big day! And with each car that pulled into the driveway – a new toy came with it. My middle boy would exclaim wildly with each new toy he unwrapped – “Oh WOW – it’s just what I’ve ALWAYS wanted!” The gifts were treasures. Inevitably there was always that “one” gift. You mama’s know … the one gift that was the star of the show. Once that gift is opened the others fade. Let’s talk about those forgotten gifts for a moment, the hidden treasures.

hidden treasure
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Me being the cheap mom thrifty diva that I am, would take some of those “hidden treasures” that were pushed to the side after THE gift was opened and stash them in the closet. When the time was right; boring rainy day, losing a tooth, good report card, etc – I would pull down a hidden treasure and re-gift it to my kids. The kids were never any the wiser and the hidden treasure was “Just what they always wanted”… again. The new toy had been theirs all along. Stuffed into hiding in the top of the closet. They had forgotten it was even there. But it was there just waiting for the right moment to re-appear.

Find Your Hidden Treasure

Reminiscing over this story brought to mind one of my favorite stories from the Bible. The feeding of the 5,000. So many times when we read this story, we focus on the loaves & fishes, or the little boy who gave up his lunch, or Jesus. Of course, there are lessons in each of these aspects of the story. But I want to dive into 12 other characters in the story – the disciples. Mark 6¬†begins with Jesus calling and sending the disciples out to preach and perform miracles. He didn’t send them out unprepared, verse 7 says “He gave them power” he gave them a hidden treasure – God will ALWAYS provide what we need for the calling He places on our life.

Verse 13 says, “And they cast out many devils, and anointed with oil many that were sick, and healed them.”

The disciples watched as God worked thru them. They witnessed, firsthand, a miraculous power source that came straight from Heaven. The work of the Father left them depleted mentally, physically, and emotionally. Jesus, being One with the Father, knew they needed a break. So, He took them to a “desert place” to rest.¬† When the 12 came to the Master weary in the work – Jesus didn’t tell them to go find rest. In Mark 6:31 Jesus said, “Come … and rest a while”. Jesus didn’t leave them in their weary place – He took them in to rest! True rest can only be found in an intimate relationship with the Master.

Now… let’s skip over to verses 32-44 and see what the disciples learned from their hidden treasure trove in the feeding of the 5,000. Stay with me – I’m almost there – PROMISE!

The Hidden Treasure of a Multitude

Everywhere Jesus went a crowd followed. Trying to get alone in the desert to rest was futile… the crowd followed. When evening was setting in upon them the disciples told Jesus that He needed to send the crowd away. The multitude was hungry and all they could find to feed them were 5 loaves and 2 fishes. I can imagine Jesus chuckling to Himself at their naivety. His disciples were asking Him to send away their hidden treasure. Then disciples offered to go to the surrounding cities and buy more so that they could meet the need. In my mind’s eye, I can see Jesus gently reaching out and asking Peter for the fish and bread. Peter, being Peter, surely must have tried just once more to convince Jesus to send the crowd home to eat. I can easily see myself in Peter – always thinking He needed to help Jesus with His decision-making.

When Jesus wouldn’t send them away, the disciples had another solution. We can help Jesus by buying MORE. They were looking for more not realizing that Jesus was about to give them over and abundantly more than they could imagine – 12 “extra” overflowing baskets to be exact.

Give Thanks BEFORE the Miracle

Jesus took the loaves and fishes and Gave Thanks for the miracle! There’s a whole other lesson right here! So many times in the Bible – we see thanks preceding the miracle. Give thanks where you are for what you have!

Can’t you just see the disciples mouths gaping opened as Jesus began to break the bread and He kept on breaking the bread and kept on breaking the bread… the disciples were scrambling to find baskets enough for those 5 loaves and 2 fishes. The hidden treasure (miracle) had been waiting to be pulled down from the shelf yet the faithless disciples wanted to send the treasure packing. They wanted Jesus to send the multitude (their hidden treasure) away! They would have missed the miracle had Jesus listened to their pleas.

Final Thoughts

How often do we ask God to remove things from our life that are uncomfortable? We don’t just ask – we beg and plead thru prayer for Him to remove it! All the while there is a hidden treasure, a miracle waiting on the other side of the trial or maybe even in the trial. If you have prayed and asked God to remove the burden (multitude) yet it remains, start looking for your fish and bread (miracle). Give thanks for the multitude and watch God provide!

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